1. What is the Bear Minds Podcast network about? 
    In 1964, UC Berkeley became the home of the Free Speech Movement. Today, our free speech is at risk once more, as celebrities and marketing agencies flood the media with unimportant garbage, distracting us from the critical issues of our time.

    Let's bring the conversation back to the things that matter. And let's put in a little more effort than a 140 characters...
  2. Why a podcast? 
    We want to get as many people from as many different fields creating conversations, so the easier it is for that to happen, the better. 
  3. What's the theme? 
    How to build a startup, what is net neutrality, what are orgs on campus doing, all with UC Berkeley alumni or other affiliates. We're especially interested in facilitating difficult conversations between students and faculty members. 
  4. Who's the host?
    For every theme, we'd ideally like to see several 'champions' rise up and keep the conversation alive.
  5. Where do you record?
    Various places - Wurster, The House, at my house, etc. The beauty of a podcast is there's almost no excuse for not creating more content. Contact us directly if you're interested!
  6. How do I become a part of Bear Minds?
    Apply to be a part of the internal team or to have your podcast featured on Bear Minds on the Apply page.
  7. What sort of experience do I need to do this? 
    Fluency in any phonetic human language of your choosing. Seriously. We want the conversation to be global, remember?
  8. How often to you accept applications? Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We try to get back to you in 2-3 business days after you apply.
  9. How do I get in touch? yj@bearmindspodcast.com