Listen. No, REALLY listen. 

In a nutshell, Bear Minds is the launch pad for a community of people who value face to face communication and long conversations over instant gratification. Bear Minds is now an open, free collective movement! To get started contributing, pick and issue from our public Trello tab and get rewarded for your contributions - through personal and professional connections, recognition, and even money.


  1. What is the podcast about?
    Anything you can imagine. The UC Berkeley community is gigantic, and we want to become the engine that documents history as it is being made. The idea is that 30 years from now, if Bear Minds still exists, we will have UC Berkeley affiliates hosting interviews from around the world to a global audience.

  2. Why a podcast?
    We want to get as many people from as many different fields creating conversations, so the easier it is for that to happen, the better. Let's bring the conversation back to the things that matter. And let's put in a little more effort than a 140 characters...

  3. Who's the host?
    For every episode, we'd ideally like to see several 'champions' rise up and keep the conversation alive. There are active hosts and there are passive hosts. That being said, our focus is on the guest, not the host.

  4. When will you do video interviews again? Soon.

  5. Where do you record?
    The beauty of a podcast is there's almost no excuse for not creating more content. We've gone directly into professor's homes to record. The folks at The House have been kind enough to lend us meeting room space. We set up a microphone in between classes at Haas. Everywhere is a venue.

    That being said, one day we'll have our own studio with professional equipment. For now, a portable microphone and a laptop is all we need.

  6. How do I become a part of Bear Minds?
    We’re open source….ish. That’s the goal - a decentralized collective movement. Peep our public Trello, pick an issue, and get rewarded for your contributions.

  7. How do I get in touch?