Focus on telling your story

Podcasting can be a lot of work, and the details of getting your podcast set up can be very time consuming. If you're a full time student at UC Berkeley, juggling extracurriculars and recruiting for internships and full time jobs, you probably don't have time to do all this. 

We want to help you focus on telling your story, whether it's about business, politics, astrophysics, or just your band jamming out. Here's what we provide:


get up and running, fast

Hosting & Distribution (free) - Your podcast will be available as its own standalone podcast as well as be a part of the Bear Minds curated podcast on the following channels:

  • Bear Minds Website
  • Bear Minds Facebook page
  • Bear Minds Google Play + Your Own Google Play
  • Bear Minds iTunes + Your Own iTunes
  • Bear Minds Stitcher

Audio Production (First 5 episodes for free, then $600 / 5 episodes) - You can opt to outsource post production to us (details below):

  • Introduction and pre-roll message from sponsors
  • Outro and post-roll message from sponsors
  • Noise reduction and audio cleaning
  • Awkward pause removal, cuss word removal, hiss/hum removal
  • Volume matching for even sounding audio playback
  • Delivering high quality .mp3 audio files by Dropbox and/or Google Drive
  • 3 - 5 business days turn around

Grow your audience

Featured Episodes (free) - Each week, an episode of your podcast (old or new) may be chosen to feature on our front page as well on all our distribution channels.


Join a larger network

Network Membership (free) - beyond just having your podcast featured on our channels, we are also working to create a true community. You will have 24/7 access to the entire network of other Berkeley podcasters and their guests in the form of a dedicated Slack channel. As the network grows, this will become an invaluable asset to both your potential guest-list and your personal network.


Simple pricing

  • We take a 30% cut of all sponsorship revenue from our affiliate podcasts. If there are no sponsors, we will not take any money from you (including post-production costs) whilst we work to help find sponsors for your show. Give us your vote of confidence that we will work side by side you to help grow your audience and your voice for the long term.
  • Audio Production: $600 / 5 episodes