Coming Soon!

If you've been at Cal for more than a couple weeks, you'll have noticed the entire campus is buzzing with excitement about the latest Cal startup. Whether it's Caviar (acquired by Square) or Wildfire (YC S17 batch), these startup founders have each had their own journey of successfully navigating UC Berkeley's startup ecosystem. 

Don't you wish you could hear from them through all the various periods of their journey? Don't you also wish you could hear from more of the faculty and mentors here at Cal? Well, that's what the How to Start Podcast is bringing to you!

We'll be bringing on Cal founders from the startup ecosystem to hear their stories about starting their startup. Whether they are just starting or have already gone through a huge exit, we will be bringing these members of the Bear community on the podcast to hear their perspectives, some old stories, and hopefully learn some of the tough lessons they had to learn on their own.

Stay tuned for more.