is building a DAO for funding space missions

Outer space is a place where humanity can collectively come’s a place that belongs to no nation, so it’s a place that belongs to all of us, similar to the high seas...
— Yalda Mousavinia, UC Berkeley | Class of 2008

In this episode, Jeff speaks with Yalda Mousavinia, cofounder of Space Cooperative, about the potential for blockchain to lower the barrier to entry into involvement in funding missions to space. Yalda graduated from Cal with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2008, and was working as a Senior Product Manager at Oracle before leaving her job to start Space Cooperative.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her motivation for diving head on into developing such an ambitious project.
  • How innovation in Blockchain makes it possible for more people to get involved with space missions.
  • How is Space Cooperative going to be managed as a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)?
  • What types of space projects can emerge on the platform?
  • Legal aspects of global collaboration over high technology projects.
  • and more.
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Excerpt from

"To realize the promise of the Space Age and its potential for an improved quality of life on Earth, we aspire to awaken a new era of global cooperation. To that end, we are launching Space Cooperative, a new social venture to promote and reward cooperation towards becoming a spacefaring civilization. We will leverage recent developments in blockchain technology to create a global, distributed, peer-to-peer open value network and decentralized space program. Worthy ideas can be proposed, debated, funded, and implemented. Our founding company, Space Cooperative Inc. will be the initial stewards of this network, and beyond developing the infrastructure, our team will also participate in its missions. Through iterative steps, increasingly ambitious projects can be undertaken. And human beings can begin a stride towards the planets and then the stars."


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