#24 John Denero | Ethics (& Memes) for Computer Science

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Professor John Denero is an assistant professor at UC Berkeley who teaches one of the largest introductory CS classes in the world: CS 61A. John has been an integral part of scaling CS 61A from a class size of 800 students in 2010 to over 3500 students in 2018.

In 2016, CS 61A was named one of the five best computer science classes in the US by Bloomberg news. Prior to teaching at Cal, Professor Denero was part of the dark-side at Stanford University studying mathematics and philosophy. Fortunately, Professor Denero came to the light and worked as a senior researcher within the Google Translate team before teaching at Cal.

In this podcast, we delve into many interesting facets of John Denero’s life ranging from his viewpoints on philosophy, the ethics of computer science, artificial intelligence’s impact on society, Google translate’s progress, CS61A and how great students prepare for the class, and much more. Enjoy!

You can learn more at http://denero.org/