#29 Humm (Skydeck F18) | Hack Your Own Biology for Productivity & Cognitive Enhancement

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Ahmud is an Australian entrepreneur and cofounder of Humm, a new generation hybrid software toolkit for cognitive enhancement. He's worked in Australia's top finance firm as well as in racecar engineering before diving head first into the deep end of wearable tech innovation.

We connected through a mutual friend upon learning about our mutual interests in terms of optimizing productivity and efficiency - a common dinner conversation topic around the Bay Area.

In this episode we chat about:

- Biohacking techniques and tools explored by the founders

- Achieving a state of flow

- Microdosing certain psychoactive compounds for productivity gains

- What a potential future might look like where Humm is ubiquitous

Humm is currently being incubated as one of 22 companies at Skydeck Accelerator's Fall 2018 cohort through its Global Innovation Partners' Program. Skydeck is UC Berkeley’s campus startup accelerator and incubator, boasting alumni with well-known exits, such as Caviar.


Visit www.humm.tech to learn more about Humm, whether for career opportunities or just to try to get your hands on the new Edge device for esports gamers. https://www.humm.tech/esports

Excerpt from the website:

Imagine a world where learning is effortless, where communication and control of technology are as simple as a thought and where every person has the power to expand their intelligence.

This is our vision; A world where limitless brain power makes anything possible.

In the last ten years, cutting-edge neuroscience has opened new horizons for the human brain. We believe the time has come for a consumer product that does the same.     

We’re starting with a performance-enhancing wearable for a new class of cognitive athletes, in competitive esports.