#30 Hiven.me | Work from Home, Anywhere

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Christelle is a French engineer, city planner, and co-founder of Hiven, a home-based coworking community which allows local professionals to work from a variety of conducive living rooms,
revitalize the local economy, support local businesses, and build community.

We connected when I entered a Hiven as a guest during its first iteration (when it used to be called OpenHouse). It was a super casual and easy way to connect with not only Christelle but a couple other entrepreneurs from the Berkeley ecosystem, including one of the directors at LAUNCH accelerator.

I sincerely cannot wait for the day I'm able to work from home from anywhere in the world on a whim through the magic of Hiven. This is truly the modern digital nomad's dream come true. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Christelle's journey from being trained as an engineer at Ecole Polytechnique in France, as a city planner at UC Berkeley, then cofounding Hiven.

  • Why Hiven will lead to more interconnected local communities.

  • How the world's increasingly digital workforce is leading to more digital communication but also physical isolation.

  • Just how easily someone can get set up as a host on Hiven and build their own local communities!

Visit www.hiven.me to learn more about Hiven, and become a host or guest to other Bay Area remote workers and entrepreneurs as soon as today!

Excerpt from the Website:

At hīven, we are passionate about making cities more affordable for local residents and more flexible for local workers. 

For the hundreds of millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs out there: forget noisy coffee shops, long commute, a boring desk, or feeling isolated alone at home. 
Hīven creates the future of work with you, by building the largest network of home-based coworking communities. Every home, every co-worker, every day are unique.