#37 Jeremy Hammer - BearX

#37 Jeremy Hammer - BearX

Jeremy Hammer is the founder and CEO of BearX (formerly Bear Founders), an online portal into UC Berkeley’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

In this podcast, YJ sits down with Jeremy to dig deeper into the unique journey through life that lead him to founding BearX.

We talk about his high school hustle of flipping used Audi’s, trading playing cards, joining the Navy for 6 years and taking online classes on the side, to eventually getting into UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and starting his current venture, BearX.

BearX started as one of many projects for Jeremy, and is currently a part of Skydeck Accelerator’s hotdesk program. What started as a project meant to scratch his own itch of not knowing about all the startups and projects in the ecosystem is quickly becoming UC Berkeley’s hub for startups, founders, and talented students to quickly connect and form relationships.