Office Hours ep. 2 - Let's Fix The Litter Problem Once and For All.


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Have you ever wondered how much of the litter that's created in your neighborhood comes from the Taco Bell a few blocks from your home? Or how many cigarette butts are dumped on your block alone? Find out how actionable insights through data collection around litter are helping Litterati clean up the world.

Jeff Kirschner and team once ran an experiment at a school to see exactly what type of litter was the most commonly generated. The data showed that most of the litter came from the school cafeteria's plastic straw wrapper - students could now demand specific action against a specific source of litter.

Through the medium of a mobile app, Litterati has been able to scale this sort of experimenting and data collection around litter to find actionable insights to combat the incessant litter generation problem of our generation. 

Find out how this data is allowing Litterati to influence large corporations, inspire grassroots movements, and other efforts to clean up the world.

We encourage you to join the community of environmentally conscious citizens by downloading the app at